Velo Flavors | Dive Into A Flavor Journey

Velo Flavors brings forward the epitome of Swedish craftsmanship in its nicotine pouch flavors. Each pouch is a marriage of quality and sensory delight. From invigorating mint to the exotic notes of passion fruit, Velo has artfully crafted a palette that appeals to both traditionalists and modernists alike.

Velo Flavors

Velo Flavor includes a wide range, deeply rooted in the Swedish tradition of nicotine pouches. Produced by the global titan British American Tobacco (BAT), Velo has set a new standard, merging tradition with modern flair, through its signature flavors: Mint, Berry, Passion Fruit, Citrus, and Red Grape.

Swedish Traditions, Modern Elegance

The land of Sweden, with its profound history of snus use, has gifted the world the innovative concept of nicotine pouches. These are a contemporary take on the traditional snus, devoid of tobacco, but brimming with nicotine crystals for a cleaner and more discreet experience. Velo, honoring this Swedish lineage, has artfully curated flavors to satisfy the most discerning of palettes.

Diving into Velo’s Flavors

Velo's flavor profile is where tradition meets innovation. Each flavor has been crafted keeping in mind the varied tastes of consumers.

Mint: An invigorating flavor that sends a cool rush, perfect for those who seek an immediate refreshing sensation.

Berry: Dive into the sweet and tangy world of mixed berries that tantalize your taste buds and offer a burst of freshness.

Passion Fruit: Exotic and rich, this flavor transports you to tropical paradises, making every pouch a mini-vacation.

Citrus: Zesty and vibrant, the citrus flavor is for those who love a sharp tangy kick to complement their nicotine experience.

Red Grape: A luxurious blend that combines the sweetness and slight tartness of red grapes, offering a balanced and delightful flavor profile.

Vanilla: Elegant and smooth, the vanilla flavor is a gentle whisper of warm, aromatic comfort.

Spicy: For the adventurous, this flavor is a bold dance of heat and excitement, adding a zesty edge to the nicotine experience.

Watermelon: Experience a refreshing splash of summer with the crisp and juicy watermelon flavor.